Our Story

Simple beginnings

This is an initiative by Sajong Technologies Private Limited and the Kanhikkuzhi Service Co-Operative Bank by combining both Kanhikkuzhi and Mararikkulam North Panchayath.

This was started as a promotional program to market the sweat of the farmers from both these Panchayath to show our respect to their dedication. They consider farming as part of their life and we provide them the best and most easier way to market their vegetables by providing them the best market value. From there we started approaching other places also like Thodupuzha, Thrissur, Palakkad, Vattavada and Kanthallur.

Vegetables Source

The vegetables are collected from the signed customers from different part of Kerala.

The starting point is Kanhikkuzhi and Mararikkulam Panchayath and the same is supported by Kanhikkuzhi Service Co-Operative bank. We are following the standards provided by Kanhikkuzhi and Mararikkulam and the same will be tested under labs and the test succeeded items only will be saled through MyGreenKitchen.

Kanhikkuzhi provides a list of packed items which are exclusive through our site. User gets Vergin Coconut Oil, Vinegar and special squash.

Purchase using our web portal

This facility, we start with some area in Kerala and will increase our coverage with in months. Users doesn't have any return policy or cancel option once the order is placed and the started the delivery process. The users can pay the amount on delivery. If the purchase amount is less than 100 rupees, there will be a delivery charge of 20 rupees.

Purchase using our Mobile App

The application is not available for now and will come in a couple of months in both App Store and Play Store. If the purchase amount is less than 100 rupees, there will be a delivery charge of 20 rupees.

Delivery Time

Our normal delivery time is one day, that is the very next day, we deliver the items. If the order is before 9AM, we try to deliver the items same day provided all the items available with us.


Green Van

Green van make your job easy to purchase from specific locations.

As a starting point, we have started our first outlet near Kaloor, Pottakuzhi. Users can approach our van and pre-order items. To make sure, the users has to pay the amount in advance when they order the items. Once the item is ordered, users will get the receipt from our executive. We make the item ready for you and will be ready with the kit very next day on the same place. From the outlet, users can directly purchase the items.


Farmers Guidelines

Written Quality Guidelines

We have a list of quality guidelines to follow before signing contract with us.

We are having a list of guidelines to follow for us to sign contract with the farmers. If the customers cannot follow those guidelines, they can withdraw their plan to have a sign with us. We will never compromise on quality. We can compromise on price.

Get Support from Expert

For new farmers, we give support to do the cultivation using the best method.

We follow the methods suggested by Kanhikkuzhi and Mararikkulam Panchayath. The experts are called "krishi doctors" where they can give you best solution for doing in the best way. The main idea is to give the nonpoisonous vegetables to the customers of MyGreenKitchen.

Contract with Us

Farmers can sign contract with us and get the best price in the market.

If the farmer is signed a contract with us, the vegetables will go under quality test and if fails, we have the full authority to cancel the agreement.


Trust and Test

MyGreenKitchen believes in TRUST from both sides. We trust the farmers and make them trust us by providing our best support.

The vegetables provided by farmers will go under quality test. The test will be done by the government agency and the collection will be done by them. If the farmer fails in the test, we will not accept any more items from them. We want to provide the nonpoisonous vegetables to the users. Even the users can test the items and can come back with their queries if they fails to get satisfied with the quality.

Sell your Product

We take your vegetables if it pass our test and can sell it through us.

Most of the story ends with selling platform for the farmers are not available or they are not getting exactly what they deserve. This is where MyGreenKitchen.